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Gulf Coast Recovery is a comprehensive alcohol treatment center that specializes in treating alcohol dependence and drug addiction. Gulf Coast Recovery offers the most established plan for recovery available. If you or a loved one is having increasingly difficult problems with alcohol or drugs, rest assured that Gulf Coast Recovery has a treatment plan that can help. Our program emphasizes our client's welfare above all else and is our leading guiding principle.

Guiding principles

  • To ensure our client's good health priority one.
  • To do all that is possible to ensure long term sobriety for our clients.
  • To ensure our clients are comfortable and safe.
  • To make a wide variety of services available to treat all the needs of our clients.
  • To introduce our clients to the recovery community through 12 step meetings.
  • To help establish our clients in the community and find work if desired.
  • To offer long-term living arrangements if required or recommended.

We hope you can see from these principles that we respect and nurture our client's needs while balancing and respecting the fact that recovery can be a difficult and uncomfortable process. Certainly if it were easy you wouldn't be reading this page. Addiction is an overwhelming disease whether it comes in the form of alcohol dependence, prescription drug addiction or illegal street drug usage.

Gulf Coast Recovery is structured to provide the ultimate relaxing setting to compensate for the stress of the recovery process. Our beautiful facilities are located in Treasure Island, Florida and include many attractive features. Our package includes a nearby beach, dock fishing, and an accessible recovery community. For those who really need to relax, additional services such as massage are available as an extra service but the weekly barbecues are always included.

Gulf Coast Recovery keeps our homes small so that we can maintain a high level of service so please reserve your place today. We can also refer you to a rehab center throughout the United States through our network of providers if you are not able to attend our center. Recovery is waiting for you, call us now.