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LSD commonly referred to, as acid is a hallucinogen. LSD is sold as sheets of paper, in capsules, tablets and sometimes in liquid form. Depending upon the amount taken and the strength of the dose the effects of LSD differ from person to person. Within the first half hour to about an hour and a half a person should be able to feel the effects of the LSD. Once the LSD has taken effect a person's pupils will dilate and they may experience symptoms including sweating, insomnia, change in appetite and dry mouth.

LSD can be responsible for mood swings as well as visual hallucinations and possible delusions. If the dose is large or a person is sensitive to the drug they may lose their sense of self or put themselves into a panic. Usually the effects of LSD will last for about 8-12 hours. People who have used LSD habitually report having flashbacks or severe and fear-ridden thoughts, which they associate with the use of the drug. LSD is not considered an addictive drug because its effects on a person are profoundly disturbing and cannot be used consistently over long periods of time, however higher tolerance does build and use of LSD does lead to the use of other more addictive drugs.

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