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Alcohol Abuse

Some clients have a hard time thinking of themselves as alcoholic and perhaps for good reason, they may not be. Alcoholism is a disease of dependence that is characterized by a strong craving to drink, not being able to control drinking once it has begun, physical dependence and increasing tolerance toward alcohol. It is a myth that alcoholics must be unemployed, homeless on skid row drinking fortified wine from a paper bag. Many alcoholics have good jobs, homes, families and cars and a devastating dependence on alcohol that puts everything worthwhile at risk.

But you may not be an alcoholic. You may not need a drink in the morning to steady your nerves and don't always drink to the point of passing out or getting sick but if you are suffering problems due to excessive drinking you may have a problem with alcohol abuse that could get worse without treatment. Just as it isn't just alcoholics who suffer from drinking problems, clients of treatment centers do always have to identify as an alcoholic in order to benefit from learning how to live without alcohol.

Alcohol abusers often have a lot of tricks and rationalizations for how they control their drinking. Some explain that they can handle their drinking because the only get drunk on weekends or at parties, others take other drugs like cocaine to help them control their drinking and another frequent excuse is that they don't drink any more than all their other friends.

The trouble with these excuses is that they don't hold up to the light of reality. If you have ever felt you should cut back on your drinking only to once again drink more than you planned to you have an alcohol abuse problem that could be an early stage of alcoholism if not treated. Another indication that you abuse alcohol is that even if you don't think you have a problem, that your drinking is justified by your particular circumstances yet your spouse or family have criticized your drinking patterns anyway. If you have tried to limit drinking and found that you consistently drink more than you planned to it is time to seek help.

Studies by the National Institute of Health and others demonstrate over and over that the earlier treatment is sought the more effective it is. Always remember that the reason to quit drinking is to minimize problems and have a more meaningful life filled with relationships and activities that make you happy. If you have a crisis with family, the courts, physical ailments and want to turn your life around treatment for alcohol abuse can help.