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Alcohol Abuse

The devastation of alcohol abuse occurs within the body, within the family, and within the community; and few people who abuse alcohol with regularity escape the negative consequences of their behaviors.

Although a legal drug, few substances equal the devastation potential of alcohol on the body and mind; and regular alcohol abuse damages the liver, heart and pancreas, increases the risks of a number of cancers and wreaks devastation on the mind. People abusing alcohol are at risk for early onset dementia, suffer cognitive deficits and even exhibit significant brain cell death and brain shrinkage. Acute alcohol abuse can kill, the behaviors undertaken while intoxicated can kill, and long term alcohol abuse proves equally lethal.

Children growing up in homes of alcohol abuse suffer emotional and learning problems, marriages fragment under the weight of the behaviors of intoxication and physical and mental abuse is far more likely to occur when alcohol abuse is co present. Previously happy families suffer when one member takes to alcohol abuse, and the pain of abuse always migrates throughout the family, leaving no one untouched.

Within the community, alcohol abusers perform less well professionally and are statistically far more likely to reside in a "bad neighborhood". With regular alcohol abuse comes a greater risk of criminal justice system involvement, and violence both committed and received are far more likely to occur while intoxicated.

The dangers of alcohol only present when moderate drinking is discarded for abuse, and with alcohol abuse comes a far greater probability of ultimate dependency. The influence of alcohol abuse within society presents significant public health, legal and familial challenges, and requires hundreds of billions of dollars per year in increased social spending.

People abusing alcohol, who may or may not be dependent, need professional intervention and counseling to encourage either harm reduction and moderation, or an abstinence philosophy of better living. Left untreated, alcohol abuse rarely gets better and too often progresses to dependency and ever greater pain. Alcohol abuse costs everyone; and no one more than the alcohol abuser and the people that love her.