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Alcoholism is a disease from which millions of people suffer each year. While alcoholism is a curable condition, many times those with alcohol addiction are
unable to admit that they have a problem. There are a few key signs that suggest someone has a problem with alcohol. First, people with alcoholism often have what is considered a "compulsion" to drink. This means that though they may not want to drink or think that they are able to control their habit, this compulsion comes over them and they are unable to resist the first drink. Once this first drink is taken, a person suffering from alcoholism will find they cannot stop drinking. No matter how hard they try they are unable to control and enjoy their drinking. If they are able to control their alcohol intake, chances are they will be extremely unhappy with the results.

Above most things, alcoholics hate having to stay in control of their behavior while drinking. Another symptom of alcoholism is loss of memory, commonly
called a "blackout". Blackouts can occur after one drink or many depending on a person's tolerance to the substance. During blackouts alcoholics commonly
become violent and/or engage in activities that they would not if they were sober. As problem drinking becomes more severe, many people experience what is known as physical dependence on alcohol. This means that a person will experience cravings for alcohol if it is not readily available to him/her. In addition, physical dependence is associated with alcoholism withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are symptoms that occur when people cannot get more alcohol into their system. Often times these symptoms include shaking, uncontrollable sweating, nausea, and anxiety. Over a period of time away from the substance these symptoms will dissipate however it is necessary for this
detoxification to take place in order for recovery to begin.

One of the most baffling characteristics of alcoholics is their inability to get help for their problem. Many people deny alcoholism until they are institutionalized, incarcerated or on the verge of death. Others believe that the physical detox from alcohol is more painful than anything they have ever experienced and would rather drink themselves into oblivion. One thing must be made sure: recovery from alcoholism is possible and all it requires is an inking of willingness, or even better the willingness of a loved one to help the alcoholic find treatment. Alcoholism is a deadly disease that affects any person who comes into contact with it. If you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol, contact us today and find out how to get the help you need.