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Alcoholism Intervention

Because alcohol remains a legal drug, and because the lines between use and abuse and abuse and dependence can seem finely drawn, alcohol intervention doesn't often occur until the problem has become severe.

The abuse or dependence on alcohol requires an intervention towards appropriate treatment, and the earlier this alcohol intervention occurs the less intense the treatment required and the greater the probability of success. An alcohol intervention always best occurs sooner rather than later.

There are a number of different forms that an alcohol intervention may take. The classic and best known model of intervention is the family alcohol intervention; and a familial and caring alcohol intervention convinces all but the most hardened abusers of the need for treatment. A family alcohol intervention has all loved family and friends collectively confront the abuser with stories of the pain and sadness inflicted by the abuse, and also clearly outlines consequences for the alcohol abuser should they fail to avail themselves of offered treatment and try to get better.

Employer alcohol interventions can also induce behavioral change and sobriety, and studies indicate that for male abusers, employer pressure to treatment can induce better compliance than even familial alcohol interventions. The threat of work sanctions or even the loss of employment can be a great motivator to treatment, and since workplace policies also require continuing participation in aftercare therapies, a workplace alcohol intervention can be very effective towards inducing sobriety.

A third type of alcohol intervention occurs as a brief meeting between a trusted authority figure and an alcohol abuser, and if abuse has not yet reached the stage of dependence, research shows that this very minimally intensive alcohol intervention can achieve great success. A doctor, counselor or other figure of authority will simply discuss the dangers of alcohol abuse, and suggest certain strategies for use reduction. Amazingly, sometimes a choice few words from a trusted source can induce substantial behavioral change.

Alcohol interventions are always done out of concern and love, and need to be done as soon into the problem as possible for best odds of success.