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Cocaine Treatment

Although not physically addictive, the psychological addiction to cocaine is incredibly strong, and almost all people with an addiction to cocaine will require professional cocaine treatment within a drug treatment center to get off and stay off cocaine.

Cocaine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, and works through a CNS method of action that causes substantially more pleasure inducing dopamine to remain in the brain. The pleasurable effects of cocaine are so intense that cravings for further use start only minutes after the last dosage has worn off, and with quicker methods of administration (like injection use or smoking crack) the addiction becomes ever more entrenched.

To begin cocaine treatment, a first and necessary step is a period of cocaine detoxification. During this acute period of cocaine withdrawal, the cravings to use more cocaine can be incredibly intense; and the anxiety, insomnia, nausea and dysphoria strong and very unpleasant. Few people have the needed willpower to resist cravings to a drug that they know will immediately better all experienced symptoms of withdrawal. Cocaine treatment detoxification needs to occur in a sequestered facility, far removed from access or temptations to further cocaine use.

Patients undergoing acute cocaine detoxification during cocaine treatment also present with irritability and even physical aggression, and are best monitored by medical and addictions professionals familiar with the detoxification process, and able to minimize experienced symptoms and control the behaviors of the recovering addict. Because intense dysphoria and depression also characterize the initial period of cocaine withdrawal, appropriate use of anti depressant or non intoxicating anti anxiety medications may also be prescribed.

Cocaine treatment truly begins with the end of acute cocaine detox, and to best promote long term abstinence, cocaine treatment will employ a variety of treatment therapies in the hope of giving recovering cocaine addicts the skills and motivations they'll need to resist future temptations to use. Cocaine treatment will include 12 steps group meetings (such as NA), peer support sessions, individual therapy and cognitive behavioral training away from relapse and future abuse.

Cocaine treatment offers hope to addicts struggling with the despair of cocaine addiction.