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Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is a stimulant and a highly addictive drug. Methamphetamine or crystal meth has many different names including, "speed", "crystal", and "meth". The drug itself resembles ice and is most commonly smoked. Crystal meth is considered the most potent form of speed available and works by overwhelming the central nervous system's pleasure receptors. The effects of meth are felt within a few seconds of use and create a sensation that is highly
pleasurable and euphoric. Crystal meth is a mood enhancer and has long-term effects including a loss in pleasure reception in the brain and a decrease in bodily movement. Crystal meth effects include increased body activity, loss of appetite and fast breathing as well as insomnia, irritability and mood swings. Meth can cause problems in blood vessels and can also lead to respiratory damage. When used in high doses crystal meth causes paranoia, agitation and compulsive behavior.

People who use meth habitually develop a higher tolerance for the drug meaning it takes more of the drug to get the same "high" or results. Chronic users are subject to violent and self-destructive behaviors even if they do not intent such things. Meth users can also be victim to overdose, as well as symptoms including high fever, convulsions and coma. Once tolerance has commenced in a person's body, addiction is soon to follow. Meth users also experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to stay off the drug. Withdrawal occurs when a crystal meth user stops using the drug for an extended period of time. Once a person has stopped putting the drug into his/her body, the body reacts because it is so used to having the drug to function. Crystal meth withdrawal can be a painful process and many people choose to continue doing drugs instead of going through the uncomfortability of detox.

Crystal meth drug treatment is available through a number of programs and has been known to be very effective. For people just coming down off crystal
meth, many times a medical detox is advisable so that the physical body is free of all contaminants. Once the detox has been completed the crystal meth user is able to deal with other aspects of life including the emotional, mental and physical problems that have resulted from his/her drug use. Crystal meth treatment is a very effective option for people addicted to the drug and can help them find out how to live without the burden of addiction.

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