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Drug Intervention

It can be incredibly frustrating to watch a family member or close friend self destruct before your eyes and feel powerless to do anything to effect change for the better. A hallmark of abusive and addictive behaviors is denial; and nagging, shaming, or lecturing an actively using addict does very little good, and can even prompt ever greater abuse.

Thankfully, concerned family and friends do have one very effective tool at their disposal to convince a reluctant participant of the need for drug treatment, and that is the drug intervention. Nothing provides more convincing evidence of the need for help than the combined and caring drug intervention testimonials of all possible loved family and friends; and it can be difficult for even a very determined addict to continue to deny the existence of a problem when faced with the combined and unified evidence as presented at a drug intervention.

Treatments statistics indicate that a drug intervention will work more than 80% of the time to convince an addict of the need for treatment, and since the primary goal of a drug intervention is an acceptance of treatment, convinced addicts are encouraged to proceed immediately into a treatment facility that has been prearranged for their benefit.

Because a drug intervention requires honest and often painful contributions about the experienced realities of addiction, the thought of confronting an addict with the truth can induce anxiety and even fear; and because addiction always creates emotional pain and heartache, participants often battle internally with complex and conflicted emotions about the addict.

Due to the emotional complexity and the need to maintain a constructive and loving tone throughout the intervention, addictions professionals often recommend that families employ the services of a professional drug intervention specialist to guide through the process, both during the planning stages, and during the actual drug intervention. A professional drug intervention specialist can also assist family in choosing and arranging for appropriate treatment, and can even arrange immediate transportation to the facility, sparing the family yet another emotionally difficult task.

A drug intervention works, even when nothing else has.