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Drug Interventions

Finding a good treatment center is great if a person is willing to get help. In some cases an intervention is necessary to help bring the addict or alcoholic out of denial. An intervention is a process through which a licensed intervention specialist and a group of family members or concerned loved ones confront the drug addict or alcoholic. Here are a few key points that need to be taken into account when dealing with an active alcoholic or drug addict before, during and
after an intervention.

Contact an intervention specialist
The first step to a successful intervention is finding the help necessary to make it happen. There are a number of different intervention specialists, many with very high success rates. By contacting an intervention company or specialist you have one less thing to worry about. Intervention specialists take the hard work and stress out of your hands so that you can become part of a focused team.

Do not save the addict/alcoholic
One of the most important things that a loved one of an alcoholic or addict must do is stick to their word. People with alcohol and drug problems know how to manipulate their way out of most situations and use the compassion of others to do so. Before the intervention process takes place family members and friends will collaborate with the intervention specialist to create a plan of action. Once this plan is made, it is essential that everyone stays committed to it.

Use your resources
Understand that once an intervention specialist has been contacted an innumerable amount of resources have opened up to you. By becoming part of an intervention team the substance abusing individual has far better chances of getting help for his/her problems. An intervention specialist will be able to help by giving you direction and advice on how to deal with an active alcoholic or drug addict and will also give you ideas about treatment centers and rehabilitation programs.

Stay committed to the consequences
Most likely, the reason that an intervention has been sought out is because the alcoholic or drug addict is not willing to stop using and drinking. If this is the case, the intervention specialist will help you create constructive consequences and boundaries to help that person become willing. Once these consequences are stated, it is extremely detrimental to go back on what has been said. If this happens the drug addict or alcoholic is likely to think that they do not have to get help and that they can continue to do the same actions without any real consequence.

Interventions are extremely successful if done correctly and under the supervision of a specialist. If someone you love has a problem with alcohol or drugs and is not yet willing to get help, please contact us today and find out what an intervention can do for you.