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Drug Treatment

Once a person becomes so heavily involved in drug addiction or alcoholism, a drug treatment facility may be the best and only possible solution for this problem. Treatment facilities are known by a myriad of names and terms: drug rehab, drug treatment, outpatient, inpatient, etc. While some of these terms are interchangeable, others refer to specific programs and activities that can help some drug addicts and alcoholics more than others. One of the main struggles people face when trying to commit to recovery is the pull from "old life" friends and activities. In these cases an inpatient or intensive treatment program is the most viable and effective option. Most inpatient facilities offer a medical detox program to help physically remove chemicals from the person's body. Inpatient treatment means that a person lives at the facility while undergoing treatment. These programs can range from two weeks to six months, on average many of them being about 28 days. Licensed and accredited drug treatment facilities have specially trained staff, social workers and counselors that deal specifically with drug and alcohol related problems. In this way, recovery becomes possible by utilizing the assets of both the facility and the staff.

Not all drug treatment centers are created equal and a number of issues must be taken into account before choosing the right one. Location is one important
factor in choosing a treatment facility. A treatment center with relaxing and peaceful surroundings can be helpful because it takes away the distractions of
everyday life and lets people focus on their recovery. Likewise, connecting with the administration and staff can also be a useful tool in recovery. Many treatment centers employ people who have had personal experience, either directly or indirectly with drug addiction and alcoholism.

There are many advantages to inpatient treatment especially in early recovery, however there are other options in inpatient treatment does not seem like a workable plan. One such option is outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment means that a person is being treated form drug or alcohol addiction but has the ability to function in the real world at the same time. Outpatient programs range from a few weeks to months and are less intense than inpatient programs. In many cases inpatient and outpatient programs are used in conjunction with each other; first inpatient then outpatient. In addition many people find sober living and other regulated living situations very helpful in the early days of sobriety.