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Heroin Addiction

A significant contributor to continuing heroin abuse is the ever present fear of heroin addiction withdrawal. Heroin addicts can begin to feel initial effects of withdrawal and forthcoming detox pains as early as a few hours after the last dosage of heroin has worn off, and the thought of the impending heroin withdrawal sickness and pain contributes significant motivation to continuing use.

Few drugs provoke such an immediate and intense addiction withdrawal as heroin. Symptoms of heroin addiction withdrawal include nausea, vomiting, anxiety, dysphoria, strong pains, leg restlessness, insomnia, diarrhea and even convulsions. The withdrawal symptoms will peak within a day or so, and continue for 2-3 days before gradually subsiding in intensity.

The desire to use during heroin addiction withdrawal overcomes even the strongest willpower, and few addicts can resist a compulsion to use to alleviate the extreme suffering of withdrawal. For best odds of success, heroin addiction withdrawal should occur under medical supervision, and in a facility far removed from access to drugs.

Medical supervision makes what is always an uncomfortable process as comfortable as possible, and although heroin addiction withdrawal is very rarely fatal, medical personnel can ensure a detox of optimal safety and minimal bodily stress. The aches and pains of heroin addiction withdrawal are treated with non narcotic pain relievers, anxiety may be alleviated through anxiolitics, and acute and lingering dysphoria and depressive symptoms may be bettered through specific and appropriate anti depressant medications.

Heroin addiction withdrawal is tough, but detox is a necessary first step to recovery; and once the body is rid of the metabolites and the pains of detox, recovering addicts are in a much better mental state to truly participate in the therapies of relapse avoidance and long term recovery.

Heroin addiction withdrawal can be beaten, and although addicts must endure a difficult few days, medical care ensures as comfortable a detox as is possible, and once finished so is physical dependency. Using methadone to avoid the pains of heroin addiction withdrawal may spare some discomfort, but draws out withdrawal over lingering months or even years, and some people using methadone remain addicts for life.