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Ketamine is a drug that people have used, however its common use is as an animal (horse) tranquilizer. Ketamine has various slang names the most popular being "special K". The drug is a depressant and anesthetic and comes in the form of a whit powder. Ketamine is usually snorted but it can also be used to "lace" marijuana. The short-term effects of ketamine include hallucinations, loss of memory, vomiting, as well as a loss in sense of time and identity. After the drug is used there is often a period of about 10-15 minutes of unconsciousness followed by an awake but numb period. People who have used ketamine say they have had "out of body" experiences, hallucinations and highly unusual experiences.

Ketamine like most other painkillers is highly addictive because it dulls the receptors in the brain and produces a numbing effect. The habitual use of ketamine can result in flashbacks; memory loss and it can lead to psychosis.

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