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Prescription Drug Abuse

After alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse represents the largest drug abuse problem in America today.

The types of most often abused prescription drugs include the sedative hypnotics, certain anxiolitics, and opiate type pain pills. Although doctor prescribed "clean" and safe if used as directed, too many people discover just how addictive and destructive prescription drug abuse can become, and prescription drug abuse can lead to addictions as strong as heroin or cocaine, and require intensive and long term drug rehabilitation treatment.

Some people prescribed prescription medications for legitimate medical reasons find that the pleasurable effects of these pills prompts occasional and increasing abuse, and too often drugs prescribed to better quality of life become destructive. As increasing quantities of prescription pills become required, patients resort to doctor shopping (visiting several doctors to get enough prescribed drugs) or even to buying illicit but similar street drugs just to get a supply large enough to satisfy the needs of dependency.

Prescription drug abuse may also ensue without a medical condition preceding consumption, and since prescription pills are perceived to be safer than "street drugs" and as well easier to get, many teens and even adults begin to take prescription pills recreationally. Many find that with increasing prescription pill abuse comes resultant dependency, and the eventual need for drug treatment.

Prescription drug abuse presents a significant challenge to parents trying to safeguard kids from the dangers of drug abuse; and high school kids are experimenting in ever increasing numbers with prescription pills as easy to get as the family medicine cabinet or through hundreds of unregulated on line pharmacies. Parents have yet to perceive the true threat that prescription drug abuse presents, and few parents are even speaking with their kids about the extremely addictive dangers these pills present.

Prescription drug abuse can very easily lead to prescription drug addiction, and since many of these pills are at least as addictive as dangerous street drugs such as heroin or cocaine, professional detox and drug treatment is almost always required to induce abstinence and long term sobriety.