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Treatment Centers

To understand why people succeed in treatment centers after failing so frequently on their own becomes quite obvious when you compare the two typical approaches against each other.

Treatment centers depend on a group of clients to share their experiences with each other as well as with a trained counselor. Individuals on their own try to fight their compulsions and cravings in isolation from the rest of the world or are tempted by their own friends and family to continue to drink and use.

Treatment centers utilize sophisticated, proven treatment plans that are highly structured, reinforced and methodical in their approach to introducing the client to recovery. Individuals who want to quite on their own try to control their drinking and drug use with no plan other than to use the mind to manufacture the willpower to just say no. Because this is the same mind that obsessively thinks about getting loaded it will always fail.

Treatment centers are staffed by licensed, trained professional alcohol and drug counselors and often medical doctors and therapists who have seen thousands of clients suffering from the exact same symptoms and consequences of dependence and have successfully treated such clients who continue to live substance free. Individuals know only their own experience, filled with failure and frustration and find it easy in the desperate hours of isolation to give up and once again believe that getting loaded will work for them.

Treatment centers take a client out entirely out of the environment that has allowed drinking and drug use to continue and place them in a safe and serene facility where they can physically detox, rest and recover from the physical and psychological toll that alcohol and drugs demand. On their own individuals do not understand that recovery must be the priority so they remain immersed in the old lifestyle but attempt to stop getting loaded. They fall victim over and over to the old expression "if nothing changes, nothing changes" and these continuous failures only add to the frustration and make dependence worse rather than better.

Treatment centers are filled with hope and promise that recovery from the devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse is possible. Clients see other clients with more time living happily and are introduced to 12-step support groups where they see people from all walks of life all with the common goal of living meaningfully in sobriety. Individuals attempting to stop on their own try to keep their secret to themselves and have a hard time maintaining hope and purpose for any length of time.

We hope you can see that the choice is obvious- recovery depends on openness, willingness and honesty. The process begins with reaching out to a treatment center for help today.