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Treatment for the Elderly

Drug use is up for individuals over the age of 60 and alcohol and drug treatment for the elderly has increased as a greater percent of the population hits its golden years. Due to the secrecy that often shrouds active alcoholism and drug addiction, doctors have often had incomplete information when making a diagnosis and have attributed many of the symptoms of alcohol and substance dependence to mere old age.

Depression and typical signs of Alzheimer's include forgetfulness, excessive sleeping, disorientation, confusion and frustration. The medical community is becoming more aggressive to uncover the real causes as consequences of alcohol and drug abuse whether the patient wants to admit it or not. The elderly are also from a generation that is more likely to keep their problems to themselves thinking that they can shoulder the burden or work it out on their own. This feeds into the denial and rationalization that allows alcoholism and drug addiction to progress despite increasing problems.

The purpose of alcohol and drug treatment for the elderly is to prevent future damage and live the rest of life fully aware and appreciative of life's gifts. Substance dependence robs the elderly of a useful life as they are more likely to suffer from slip and falls, car accidents and license suspension, isolation from family and financial problems. Substances are also harder on the elderly as their bodies have an even harder time metabolizing the foreign substances which can complicate existing physical problems and diseases.

Successful alcohol and drug treatment for the elderly includes combating the behavior patterns that reinforce substance dependence. Attending a treatment facility that caters to the elderly is a great start to break through the hopelessness and shame that comes from believing you are alone in your problems. New behaviors are developed and reinforced that emphasize social and physical activities. An introduction to 12-step support groups is also extremely effective for ensuring long term sobriety.

Nearly everyone who has a dependence on alcohol and drugs goes through frequent bouts of depression and giving up. The elderly are highly susceptive to such feelings and we hope that if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired you will give recovery a try instead of the next prescription. Treatment is extremely effective for those willing to be open to it and even works after a professional intervention breaks through the initial denial. You deserve to enjoy your golden years free from the burden of alcohol and drugs.