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Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin is a prescription drug that is widely prescribed for use as a painkiller. People who have been involved in incidents such as car accidents or surgery are often prescribed Vicodin to help them to cope with constant and severe pain. Vicodin is an opium derivative, similar to illicit opiate drugs. Initially it provides pain relieve and a feeling of euphoria. When people first start to take the drug, they find that the pain is relieved and they feel "high", like they are above reality. As time goes on, Vicodin continues to dull physical pain, but not to the extent it did so in the beginning. The drug Vicodin is physically addictive by nature, so people prescribed this drug find themselves wanting more, even if they have never had any experience with addiction before.

Vicodin addiction can affect anyone regardless of race, age or gender. In the last decade, prescription drug abuse, especially abuse of painkillers has become an increasing pressing issue. Prescription drug abuse is hard to detect and even harder to confront. People who take prescription drugs and abuse them often use excuses such as, "the doctor said I could take more if I was in pain" or "I'm having a bad day today, the pain is bad". It is difficult to argue with someone that has a justifiable physical pain or reason to take the medication. In some cases doctors will prescribe extra painkillers, if only their patients have good excuses. In addition, buying prescription drugs online has become increasingly popular, an activity which is not strongly regulated and can be infiltrated by other countries with differing prescription laws. Like any other type of drug trafficking, prescription drugs are also a huge market for those who provide them.

People who suffer from Vicodin addiction are unable to see the ways in which their addiction is affecting their lives. Denial of prescription drug addiction is very strong because it is hard for people to see how using excessive prescription drugs can be detrimental if they are stopping the pain. Once a person becomes addicted their tolerance grows and they need more and more of the drug to feel the same way. Vicodin addiction is something that can be overcome. Every year thousands of people find hope in prescription drug addiction treatment centers. Prescription drug addiction can be treated and has a great deal to do with people understanding the ways in which these drugs affect their thinking. Once prescription drug abusers are aware of the actions, thoughts and feelings associated with their addiction, it becomes easier to deal with.

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