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Xanax Abuse

Xanax, originally prescribed to help people suffering from panic, anxiety or depression, can induce a strong physical dependency and psychological addiction; and the resultant symptoms of detox from a xanax addiction can greatly exacerbate the symptoms that the drug was originally prescribed to remedy.

Xanax, in addition to bettering symptoms of certain psychiatric conditions, also induces a serene feeling of calm and pleasant wellbeing, and because the side effects of the drug are so pleasurable, xanax contains a very high potential for abuse. When xanax is consumed in greater than recommended quantities, a physical dependence often results, and with tolerance and dependence comes the need for uncomfortable and dangerous xanax detox.

Xanax creates neurological changes as the brain attempts to compensate for the neural slowing induced by the drug, and when xanax is abruptly discontinued the xanax altered brain responds with a racing of activity, and with risks of convulsions and even life threatening seizures. Additionally, this quickening of brain activity can induce strong feelings of panic, anxiety and depression in patients already prone to experiencing these psychological deficits. Xanax withdrawal can also induce feelings of nausea, extreme pain, insomnia and headaches. Xanax detox is always uncomfortable, can be dangerous, and should never be attempted without medical supervision.

Xanax detox can last for as long as two weeks, and medical staff will taper down the dosage of the consumed xanax and prescribe other non psychotropic medications to ease some of the symptoms of the detox. During this period of initial xanax detox, the experienced pains, the emotional and psychiatric side effects, and the cravings to further abuse can be very difficult to overcome, and xanax detox is always best attempted under medical supervision, and away from access to xanax or other CNS depressant medications.

The initial and acute symptoms of xanax detox will subside within two weeks of complete cessation of use, but even after xanax detox most people will require drug treatment to learn life and coping skills needed to overcome a lingering psychological addiction to the pleasurable effects of the drug.