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Evaluation and Assessments

Have you received a DUI or faced any other legal problems due to alcohol or drug use?

Have you been court ordered to participate in an alcohol or drug evaluation?

Have you wondered about your use of drugs and alcohol but are not sure if there is a problem?

Have you realized that there is a problem and have been told by family, friends, or employers that you might need some kind of help?

The first step in determining if there is a problem is to receive an evaluation. Like The PAR Agency's substance abuse/ dependence assessment, also known as "The PAR Evaluation", Gulf Coast Recovery provides substance abuse evaluations to determine the seriousness of alcohol or drug use.

At Gulf Coast Recovery, when people contact us for an evaluation, we do not immediately assume a diagnosis of alcohol or drug addiction exists. Our evaluations are rated, from no problem to abuse to dependence.

Gulf Coast Recovery provides an accurate comprehensive assessment of the person's life which includes: family, social, and educational history; physical and mental health; as well as spiritual well-being. All information is held in the strictest confidence, as required by HIPAA laws and our own ethical standards.

At Gulf Coast Recovery, we will give recommendations for possible treatment and follow up care, if necessary.

Gulf Coast Recovery is a private, licensed provider by the state of Florida, yet has competitive pricing in line with government controlled agencies.

We offer immediate evaluation dates so that one can proceed to the next step in solving all potential problems.