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Executive Treatment

According to surprising new figures, up to 60% of professionals will have been addicted to alcohol / drugs during some stage of their career.

Working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol increases the chances that the professional will make errors in judgment and communication with colleagues and clients. Professionals often display extrovert personalities and when they socialize, they over indulge. Professionals tolerate high levels of stress which may lead to abusing alcohol and drugs as a way of coping. This behavior subtly becomes an addiction and soon interferes with daily life; however there are healthier alternatives to assist in managing stress and time. There are other ways to manage stress and time in a more healthy and creative way.

Gulf Coast Recovery offers a full service program for professionals who are and have been addicted to alcohol and /or drugs. We understand the distinctive dynamics facing professionals who are battling to keep their lives together and their careers afloat. Gulf Coast recovery has created a flexible recovery program to accommodate the unique needs of these clients so that professionals can get help with their addiction without sacrificing their careers.

The Gulf Coast Recovery Program encourages social, physical and mental health as well as spiritual growth by offering a variety of therapies and activities. Our treatment program offers group counseling daily, family group, art therapy groups, and individual counseling on an as needed basis (a minimum of one session per week). As part of our wellness program our clients attend the gym, practice yoga, receive massages, and participate in other activities that enhance their well- being.

All persons with drug or alcohol problems are welcome to participate in our recovery program, but we encourage professionals who feel the negative strain of managing careers and their personal lives to consider our recovery program.